Women, Trans, & Non-Binary Brewers

This is a resource for authors and creators of beer blogs and podcasts who are interested in broadening their inclusion of kickass brewers who happen to be women, trans, or non-binary. I have personally contacted those on the list, and they have stated that they are open to being a guest or interviewed for a beer blog, podcast, newspaper article, or whatever!

Cat Wiest, Brewmaster at Seabright Brewery (Santa Cruz, CA) – Brewing since 2011; previously worked at  Pyramid Brewery and Speakeasy Brewery

Regan Long, Brewmaster at Local Brewing Co (San Francisco, CA) – Brewmaster since 2010, has been homebrewing for 13 years

Katarina Martinez, Owner and Brewmaster at Lineup Brewing (Brooklyn, NY) – Homebrewing since 2009, she is the sole owner and brewmaster

Lauren Grimm, Co-owner/brewer at Grimm Artisanal Ales (Brooklyn, NY) -The brewery opened in 2013, but Lauren and her partner were operating a beer CSA before this. Currently operating as a gypsy brewery, it appears they plan to open a physical space in the near future.

Lisa Allen, Brewer at Heater Allen Brewing (McMinnville, OR) – Brewing at Heater Allen since 2009

Heather Vredevoogd, Head Brewer at Hideout Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, MI) – Brewing at Hideout since 2013

Tina Schuett, Co-Owner and Brewmaster at Rare Bird Brewpub (Traverse City, MI) – Brewed previously as Sand Creek Brewery and Sugarfoot Saloon

Bailey Spaulding, CEO & Brewmaster at Jackalope Brewing Company (Nashville, TN) – Homebrewing since 2006, opened the brewery with a female co-founder in 2011

Ashley Kinart, Brewmaster at Capital Brewery (Middleton, WI) – 2011 graduate of Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy; her first beer for Capital earned a platinum medal at the World Beer Championships in 2015

**If you are a woman, trans, or non-binary brewer and would like to be added to this list, please contact me

Notable podcasts and blogposts featuring women, trans, and non-binary people in the brewing industry (not just brewers):

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