I fell for beer while living in Colorado for a summer, right after I turned 21. After that, I started to learn more about beer by attending Cicero’s Beer School, which for a blessed year was only a few blocks from my apartment. As a current resident of Michgan, I try to take advantage of being in one of the best states in the country to learn about beer (while still harboring a love for those St. Louis breweries I left behind, Shoutout to UCBC, 4Hands, and Perennial).

My goal is to use this blog to explore and deepen my knowledge of craft beer. In particular, I want to practice writing for a broad audience, and to learn about malt and the malting process. Two very different goals!

Currently drinking beer in and around Ann Arbor, MI. I’d love to write about your beer, beer event, or brewery in southeast Michigan. Please contact me!